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About Smudis

I founded Smudis in the year 2012, since then I am developing apps in my freetime and upload them to the AppStore.
If you want to find out more about Smudis and the apps I am doing, this is exactly the right place for you.
To be always up-to-date you can visit Smudis on Twitter or Facebook.

About Me

I am Justus von Brandt. I am 17 years old and love to develop apps for iPhone and iPad (iOS).
You can find me and my apps in the AppStore, have fun!

Justus von Brandt and John Geleynse

A picture of me next to John Geleynse (right)
NowOrNever App Preview NowOrNever App Icon

You try to remember your daily tasks,
NowOrNever will save you from forgetting!
MyGeometry App Preview MyGeometry App Icon

"The calculation of a geometric figures has never been so easy before."
MyCopier App Preview MyCopier App Icon

"MyCopier is a powerful multi-clipboard."
MyRulerPro App Preview MyRulerPro App Icon

"The easiest way to measure heights, widths and distances."
MyGravity App Preview MyGravity App Icon

Turn your iPhone/ iPad into a g-force sensor."
Sharer - Easy snap sharing App Preview Sharer - Easy snap sharing App Icon
Sharer - Easy snap sharing

"Share your taken images everywhere you want with just one tap!"
MyLogbook App Icon

"The perfect app to log your flights."